So, you think that the diagrams you’ve seen and the sex education you’ve had about the ‘little button’ are accurate? Think again! There is an entire large collection of nerves, blood vessels, and spongy tissues UNDER the hood, and INSIDE around the urethra and vagina. This effectively explains what has been called the ‘G Spot’ by some authors, and confirming that the clitoris, not the vagina, is the primary focus for sexual stimulation and orgasmic function.

What I find impossible to believe is that with an Ivy League degree in Human Biology, 4 years of Medical School, my clinical and surgical training in female pelvic anatomy, an OB-GYN Residency, and 25 years in practice, that I never before NOW seen mention of it in the medical literature! Historically in Medical Textbooks, the details of women’s inner anatomy has been removed and replaced many times. Only recently, in 2015, the full anatomy was disclosed by the American Congress of OB-GYN’s when they issued a study guide on the subject of Sexual Functioning, giving the inner clitoris a long overdue return to the literature.
Actually, if you look at a female embryo, and follow it’s fetal organ development, the vast INNER clitoris is made from the EXACT same engorging tissues that organize in a more open fashion than what is all fused together to create a male penis. In the male, however, 3 functions get (literally) rolled into one external organ for urination, reproduction and sexual pleasure. (Clearly the inferior prototype . . . . 🙂 )

So we, as women, first need to explore this whole external as well as hidden internal delight center for ourselves, and focus on the sensations that we have not given much attention to feeling before. Then engage in gentle discovery with ourselves and our partners, so that we might fully appreciate this partly external and extensively internal organ that has only ONE function: