Vaginal Ring contraceptive technology has been around for years.  The vagina has lots of blood vessels which directly absorb the Estrogen and Progesterone into the system without having to go through the stomach and liver for digestion.   It has an advantage over the pill for ease of remembering to use  it, and having to remove and replace it only once per month, instead of taking it daily.
This new device, Annovera, has the same good pregnancy prevention and low rate of blood clots as the pill or the other ring, but it is still not as good as IUD’s or Implants for long term best contraceptive rates.  Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC’s) are still the number one recommended methods of contraception, especially in teenagers, who can be most unreliable.
For those women who are currently using the older Nuvaring, yet are having some trouble, here is a great advance in technology to be able to use a similar, slightly thicker ring all year long.  It does not require refrigeration as does the Nuvaring, and you only need ONE ring for all thirteen 28 day cycles.  It can be removed during intercourse, but should be replaced right away afterwards.  It simply needs a gentle washing / rinsing between uses.
For any woman on the pill or on the Nuvuaring who would like to switch to this new device, please make an appointment to discuss if this is right for you.  Please, first check to see if it is covered on your insurance’s medication list (formulary).