Tantra is an ancient Hindu/Buddhist activity devised in India around 5000 years ago designed to access a Spiritual level through the ordinary Physical plane.  It is a practice of using the breath and mental clarity, like in meditation, to generate sexual energy and transcend ordinary experiences to mystical levels.  It is a loving sacrament of devotion and attention, of giving and receiving.

The stereotypes of Tantra are true enough, it takes a good long time, it involves a feast for the senses by being fully mindful of touch, taste, sound, and other pleasurable experiences.  It is a form of a moving meditation that can bring one to a higher state of consciousness.  Some people describe the practice as a ‘communion of the physical and spiritual states’, linking humanity and the Divine.  Others say they ‘dissolve into each other and become one being’. Regardless of the descriptors, the experience can be truly astounding!

Like any solitary meditation, it is approached with reverence, a calm mind, and in a peaceful place.   A private room, with flowers, snacks, candles, incense, music and other delights can set the tone.  The couple often begins by staring into each other’s eyes and synchronizing their breathing.

One favorite exercise is to sit fully clothed, closely and directly in front of each other.  Each person puts a right hand over the other’s heart, and covers their partner’s hand with the left. They sit and breathe and gaze and appreciate all that is good about the other. They may focus their thoughts on a specific feeling such as gratitude, peace, love, passion or any other such topic.  Once they are in unison, then the couple might choose to exchange loving body massages, or cleanse each other with a special bath.  They may continue to breathe in tandem with intention to build up their energy during some other pleasant activity that may be clothed or not.

Another simple yet powerful practice is to have both partners lie on the floor, face up, clothed or not, with heads facing away and pelvic areas touching, one person with their legs over the other’s thighs.  Both people use their simultaneous breathing (one breathes in when the other breathes out) and they visualize energy flowing up and down their spines, theoretically building a loving connection and raising sexual energy.

There are many varied positions with amusing names associated with a Tantric Sex practice, some easy, but many unattainable, even for the most fit and limber of us.  The positions are far less important than the experience of the blending of souls.

Much time is spent in sexual play, and riding the edge of having an orgasm, to continually build erotic energy, and sexual tension.  Though orgasm is not a goal, often the partners may share a mystical experience during orgasmic release.  Some describe Tantric Sex as a vehicle for healing that erases guilt, fear and shame, and creates freedom through surrendering to love, trust and pleasure!  I challenge you to elevate the experience of your love-making to the level of Divine Bliss.

The time to be happy is now!  Go enjoy!