As we discussed in the last newsletter, we are learning some exercises from the book, Sacred Sexuality, that help us practice our own inner peace, be present, and have a great connection to ourselves and our partner(s). Centering ourselves first, being fully grounded in our bodies, then having a heart-centered experience with a partner can open up the space for deep love, intimacy, and trust to grow.
It helps to think of Tantra as flowing our personal Energy in a Sacred and Spiritual way.  The energy is channeled by focusing our intentions to create pleasure, love, bliss and ecstasy.  Exercises of loving intent can be done alone or with a partner.  There is no religious connotation, unless you intentionally include the energies of The Divine (as you define God/Love.)
Tantra is a willingness to bring yourself or another to higher levels of experiencing the Divine in your heart and soul.  Tantra teaches that there are 7 levels of orgasms, the highest being the Spiritual Orgasm.
In the words of the author Michael Mirdad, sex is a powerful manifestation of intimacy and love.  Profound experiences begin with individual self awareness where safety and trust are crucial. Sacred sexuality means involving prayer, meditation, pleasant environment (sights, scents, clothing, privacy) and intimate contact with gazing, kissing touching, etc.
Sex is not the goal of Sacred  Sexuality, LOVE is!
Orgasm is not the goal, enjoying ALL sensations is!
It is only after we ignore our busy minds that we can get out of our heads and into the pleasure of our bodies and realize our feelings. Here are some easy ways to learn how to be more present and focused.
Take a Tantra Workshop with Robyn Vogel at in nearby Massachusetts.
Meditation is an extremely useful tool for calming and focusing.  There are many nearby places that teach easy techniques for beginners in meditation.  For example, the Aryaloka Buddhist Center in Newmarket, NH, and Janice Burghoff, Life Coach in Dover, NH at A Peaceful Woman both offer brief, affordable, individual or group instruction.  Practice the technique of “no mind”, or “quiet observer”, while breathing deeply.  The only way to improve is practice, practice, practice!
Yoga breathing, balancing, focusing and body awareness can lead to body acceptance, calmness and better muscle tone.  If you imagine yoga positions as being potential sexual positions, it can be lots more fun!