It is with great enthusiasm that I have reviewed and highly recommend this brand new book, written by my mentors, Medical Doctors Michael Krychman and Alyssa Dweck. They are 2 of the most well-known and well-established Sexual Counselors in the U.S., in CA and NY, respectively.


They have been successfully teaching and utilizing these simple and effective techniques with couples to help bring them closer and have more fun with sexual activities.
The book contains the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for ‘Homework’ exercises that I often recommend during Sex Counseling appointments for patients and their partners to enjoy between sessions.
For example,  ‘Fantasy Box’ is one of the exercises for a woman to write down 3 sexual and 3 sensual scenarios that she would like to experience with her partner at some point through the year.  The partner does the same.  Then each month they take turns pulling a suggested scene and alternate the planning responsibilities in making the fantasy a reality.
Another easy Sexercise that I often utilize with a couple who wants a deeper discussion about feelings, is to have each separately write out their own personal definition of “sex“, “love“, and “intimacy“.   Each word should evoke at least of few thoughts put into sentences.  Then the partners come back together to share their feelings and begin to understand more about each other’s ideas and needs.  Through counseling, we expand these definitions and broaden their scope of pleasurable experiences.


I strongly recommend this book and will often use the activities for ‘Home-Play’ for my patients.  It works!!  I will be buying a few copies for my Lending Library of books, videos, games, and other materials to support healthy sexual functioning.  Even people without sexual problems will enjoy these activities as an easy way to keep a Sexual Spark alive!