ENHANCING SEXUAL DESIRE (by clearing your mind)

I hear women speak of having Low Sexual Desire all day every day. Inevitably we discover a big part of the problem is being over-scheduled, over-worked and overwhelmed with life. Yet we can learn how to totally close down our thinking, worrying and fatigue long enough to open up to creativity and exploration, enjoy a sense of wonder, and renew our fun.

Learning to appreciate the sound of your breath, the feel of your pulse, the calmness of holding your pet, the scent of a flower, the flicker of a candle, all are simple mind focusing techniques which give your poor working brain a break. I am not going to quote the myriad of studies that show better health, immunity, sense of well being and adaptability it gives a person to be thoughtful about all that they do, including sex. Suffice it to say that meditation/mindfulness/prayer and making love are simple, very healthy, and help life to be calmer and happier.

Once this pattern of clear mind and single focus is learned, then sensuality, sexuality and eroticism can enter into our relationships more easily. Accepting the concept that sex does not necessarily mean intercourse, and satisfaction does not necessarily mean orgasm, can create a world of possibilities to explore. Introducing some new spice gives a variety to foods. Learning new positions, wearing a new teddy, introducing toys, etc. can create more fun with sex. So I encourage you to quiet your mind often, and create pleasure (safely and lovingly) whenever you can drop your burdens for a while. You’ll be glad you did! For more info on this concept see: www.passionandpresence.com .