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Sexual Counseling

AASECT Certified Sex Counselor

Dr. Vanderlinde is an excellent AASECT Certified Sex Counselor. She has taken extensive Medical, Sexual, and Therapy training courses at a Fellowship level to become and remain Board Certified in this specialty; she has been well trained by amazing Sex Therapy Supervisors throughout her career.

Dr. Terri currently a member of the AASECT (American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists) and a past member of ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health), NAMS (North American Menopausal Society) and ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine). She is constantly taking courses to further her education, and shares some of this knowledge in informative and daring monthly newsletters to patients which shatter many taboo subjects. She has given many lectures on sexual health to hospital staff, regional women’s groups and major medical societies. She is an informative and interesting speaker.

A special interest of Dr. Terri’s is with counseling older women and their partners who have a diminished interest or pleasure with sex for any reason. She also enjoys seeing any couple with a good relationship who desires to rejuvenate their sex life with some fresh ideas. She is a physician, not a therapist, and is not trained to handle psychological pathology nor sex offenders.

What to Expect

A typical Sexual Counseling Session entails having an in-depth discussion for about an hour on various components of an individual’s overall health and well- being. This includes physical, medical, emotional, and hormonal concerns, and how these issues relate to one’s sexual experiences. Mental and Psychological issues such as self-esteem or prior abuse are also addressed early on to set the stage for success. The patient and Counselor will also endeavor to improve the patient’s Relationship issues, such as creating special times together, and fostering healthy communication and problem solving skills with her partner.

Once these issues have been addressed, then the patient’s partner(s) are invited into some sessions and to practice some “homework” assignments that are both fun and illuminating for the couple. The patient and her partner(s) *together discern their own pertinent issues and create their own reasonable goals* with assistance from the Counselor so that they may learn ways to improve many facets of their relationship and foster a robust sex life. This is intended to be short-term cognitive-behavioral focused therapy, and may include some Spiritual aspects, as the patient desires.


sex counseling

Some specific techniques may be discussed, but are NOT the main focus of Counseling, and will NOT be physically demonstrated. A Sex Counselor is NOT a Sex “Surrogate” or a Sex ‘Coach’. Nobody gets undressed, ever, and nobody ever has a sexual event observed in the office! A session here is very akin to sitting and talking with a psychologist or therapist who deals with couples issues.

REQUIREMENTS (before booking an appointment)

Each Counseling patient is required to have her own Gynecologist or highly involved Primary Care Provider who will manage all the medical, medications, hormonal, physiological and psychological aspects. If a woman does not have this support in place, she will need to make a physical exam and medical visit with this practice or any other PCP or GYN of her choice FIRST. Some patients may be asked to have their own individual psychotherapist as well, depending on the nature of her issues.

Every potential counseling patient must submit the appropriate paperwork to be reviewed by Dr. Vanderlinde PRIOR to making an appointment, to determine the appropriateness of being seen in this office. If the issues are beyond the scope of this provider, women will be referred to a more suitable therapist who can address their needs. Patients of My Friend’s Gynecologist practice are automatically accepted into the Sex Counseling practice.



This GYN office does not have ANY automatic electronic connections of medical records to any Hospital or Insurance Network. ALL records are strictly confidential, protected by having all personal and sensitive material stored with brief notes, by hand, on PAPER files. NOTHING disclosed in the visit can be communicated to any one at any time for any reason. There will be only very brief hand written summary notes kept here at the office, where the ONLY exception to strict and total confidentiality is if the Counselor feels that there is imminent danger to the patient or another person, especially if involving a child. By law and by ethics, the Counselor is required to involve the necessary authorities in that particular instance.