Isn’t sex supposed to be perfect?  Fun?  Easy?  Feel, smell and sound amazing?  Just like in the movies?  Where everything goes amazingly well?  Hahahahahaha!  Yeah right!
What about when your sweaty bodies make a sucking sound when your bellies smack apart?  Have you passed gas at an inopportune time less daintily than you intended?   What about when you fall out of the bed? What about when your partner is not so fresh after working all day? What about when you scream so loud that the neighbors knock on the door to make sure you’re alright?  And what do you do with the sticky, gooey, messy, body fluids after romping around?
I think that sometimes we need to just get over ourselves and LAUGH at all the embarrassments that happen to real people in real life having real experiences.  If you expect life, love and sex to be similar to movies or the fantasy life of pornography, you will be severely disappointed and miss all the good fun to be had.  
     Sex can be gross, ugly, smelly, tiring  and problematic.  Sure, but aren’t there lots of uncomfortable things that we put up with to enjoy the benefits?  Instead of focusing on the problems, the lack, and what is wrong with your love life, why not focus on all that is RIGHT with it?
I challenge you to review with your partner all that is good and right in your lives and be so grateful for those wonderful things.  Start with your love for each other.  The rest is just ‘stuff’ that can be dealt with, most effectively by not taking sex or yourself too seriously.  Enjoy life.  Be happy for all the good that is in it.  Relax and let go of all that is not quite perfect.  And laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh with each other!