Being over 60 years old and enjoying sex for some people creates a non sequitor  — the two things have no relationship to each other.  That is truly unfortunate.  They are missing out the possibility for wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, pleasure and fun!  True, there are more challenges, but the challenge makes the endeavor that much sweeter in the achieving.

To expect to have the same anatomy and physiology of your body at 65 that you experienced at 25 is irrational.  Yet so many women middle-aged women still grieve the loss of their young bodies.  Who can blame them, given the extreme emphasis that our society puts on beauty and youth?   The truth is:  many normal, unattractive, overweight, arthritic, unhealthy, elderly women are still having extremely satisfying sex!

So how is it possible to have enjoyable physical, sexual encounters later in life?   More specifically:  1. What can be done to alleviate vaginal dryness and pain?  2. What can be safely used in the face of Breast Cancer?  3. What role do hormones play in all of this?  4. What can be done to help experience an orgasm?  4. What other parts of the body are sensual and pleasurable?  These questions are fairly easy to answer since they are basically the same for all women.

ALL women in menopause have a tendency towards thinning vaginal walls, constricting vaginal opening, organ prolapse, urinary leaking, pelvis pressure and pain with penetration.  One not-so-obvious solution is to have sex more often to bring the blood flow to the area and strengthen the tissue regularly.  Another very adventurous solution is to be physical, sensual, sexual, orgasmic, and vulnerable with a partner without relying on only the unimaginative penis-in-the-vagina plan. Massaging any body part with intent to give pleasure to the recipient will generate intimacy and enjoyment.  This, of course, requires a loving, and creative partner.

Tiny amounts of local, topical estrogen cream are very effective at restoring the labia and the vaginal opening to nearly ‘normal’.  Usually this is applied once nightly for a few weeks, then less often as the symptoms improve.  Also, there are bio-identical hormone rings and tablets for inside the vagina that can restore estrogen physiology to nearly normal.  Or, if concerned about estrogen absorption, herbal salves or vitamin E oil are able to help heal and restore normal vaginal function.  Along with these basic healing measures, it is of maximal importance to use a soothing lubricant to reduce discomfort from the dryness and pain, which often occur during sex.  Natural oils work very well for this purpose, but no oils should be used with condoms, since it degrades the latex…And ladies, it is high time we get over the ‘bad girl’ stigma of using a Vibrator. Vibrators are truly “Medically Necessary” for menopausal women.  With the less blood flow, more delicate tissues, declining nerve function, devices like this are essential to enhancing arousal and orgasm.

How is it possible to have enjoyable emotional, sensual encounters later in life?   One might as well ask:  1. How do you clear your head and allow for peaceful moments?  2. How do you separate from the intense electronic world in which we live?  3. How do you rediscover the fun and spice once present in a long-term relationship?  4. How do you boost your self-esteem and feel sexy in your skin?   5.  How do you lay down your burdens and accept pleasure into your life?  The answer to the first question is different for each person, but more easily discovered while answering the latter ones.

Simply put, Get out of your head in and into your FUN!

Laugh!!!  Don’t take yourself and your troubles so seriously!

YOU deserve fun.  YOU deserve pleasure.  So what are you waiting for?