Recommended Books

The Joy of Comfortable Sex   ~   Click Here to Purchase

This is a book that I recommend to anyone who has chronic pain, back injuries, arthritis, obesity, or other conditions that decrease mobility and flexibility. The Joy of Comfortable Sex was written by an Osteopathic Physician who has for 25 years treated people with medications, physical therapy and manipulation for chronic neck and back pain among other disabilities.

Dr. Angier covers lots of great ideas for treating pain, handling dryness, being mindful, playing games, having fun, enjoying erotica, using toys, and having “outercourse” instead of having penetration. He also illustrates specific positions such as spooning, Image removed by sender.cowgirl, leapfrog, scissor legs and others that require less mobility and allow for greater comfort and more pleasure. Even if you don’t suffer from arthritis or disc disease, this book has lots of awesome ideas to put some spice and fun into your sex life. Happy reading!

Thanks to my friend Julie for introducing me to this book.


Dr. Krychman     ~     California Center for Sexual Health

       ~     A doctor of sexual medicine, a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, and a clinical sexual counselor and author.

AASECT  ~  American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists

      ~     The governing, certifying organization of all Sex Health Care Providers.

NAMS    ~    North American Menopausal Society

      ~     The premier medical organization for setting standards of care for Menopausal women.

      ~      A world-wide symposium for Sex Health Care Providers.

ISSM     ~    International Society for Sexual Medicine

      ~      Another world-wide society learning and teaching best practices.


CS Boutique

   ~   Cute store in Portland with highly educated staff who can assist with choosing the best condom for your partnership, has a wide assortment of erotica, vibrators, videos, lubricants in a light, safe, welcoming, comfortable setting.

   ~   A caring older woman in Portsmouth provides education, massagers, vaginal weights and organic healing salves in a private setting.

Amber’s Gardens

  ~   A charismatic local woman with a thriving on-line service.  She enjoys chatting about best choices of vibrators for certain needs, desires, goals.  Wide range of vibrator types.  A few are available for purchase, and all available for pick up through the office of Dr. V. ; or she ships for free in plain brown wrapper.

The Herbal Path

   ~   Natural Pharmacy, herbal and health food store in the same building as this practice.  Highly recommended.

   ~   Many other providers in the same building who do massage, aesthetics, Reiki, Thermography, and angel readings.

Stork and Baby Myth

   ~   Brought to you by a very special group of 6th graders from a local youth center.