Naked. That’s what we all are right now. All of us, everywhere. We are all totally naked under our clothes. While I accept feelings to the contrary, and respect social mores and religious beliefs, I would like to go on record as loving the freedom of being naked in nature as often as possible — alone, or with my husband. When on a warm beach, hiking in the back country woods in summer, or sailing out in the middle of nowhere, with no one around, it is such a freedom to feel released of all burdens and free from all constrictions.
However, the experienced naturist will tell you to still keep on sturdy foot wear, sunglasses, and maybe a hat, sun screen and bug spray to stay safe in the outdoors. There is an entire society dedicated to people who are relaxed in their own skin and feel a closer connection to the world without the barriers between themselves and nature. Some people like to spend time doing activities with other bare skinned people. See The Naturist Society website for more details on clothing optional places around the world.
Others do not enjoy being naked around other people. Some experience private alone time at their cabin, or boat, where the whole world of work and worry melts away even more so with no clothes on. I find it to be a very personal and almost spiritual time to be so vulnerable, aware and trusting of the natural surroundings.
I encourage you to do something that you’ve never done before to feel alive and invigorated. New
Hampshire is a state that allows women to be topless in public. So the next time you are outdoors, make the connection real and deep and personal with your own natural state. I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it, or burst out laughing. Either way, it’s all good and it is all fun!