There are many health benefits of having orgasms such as better genital blood flow, less pain, and more pleasure. Here well will burst wide open the misconceptions about masturbation as being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘nasty’. Touching one’s own body parts, including the genitals, is a natural and normal function of every human being and can help create better health, and it (usually) feels great! Like it or not, we are sexual beings who enjoy pleasure.

So as not to offend people’s sensitivities, I am speaking from a purely medical/physical standpoint on the benefits of increasing blood flow and improving integrity of the delicate tissues of the vulva. Other benefits include decreasing anxiety, reducing insomnia, and alleviating pain, as well as learning your body’s responses well enough to teach a lover. Orgasm is not necessarily the goal, since gentle stroking can also be very soothing, as seen by masturbation sometimes being accepted as a self-calming technique for children at nap time.

Some girls note that ‘weird’ tingling sensation in their crotch quite by accident in their teens while climbing a rope or riding a horse. Young girls may also become aware that rubbing their pelvic region against an object can be quite pleasurable. Shame or guilt need not enter into this normal human activity. But as with many private bodily functions (like passing gas, or cleaning your nose), we can very platonically teach our children about discretion and privacy when touching their genitals.

Masturbation is performed by a majority of women of all ages in most cultures, whether they are single or in a relationship. Setting a mood, using fantasy, pornography, erotic literature and/or vibrators can enhance the pleasurable experience on many levels. Frequency can vary with a myriad of factors, anywhere from never in a woman’s life up to a few times a day. A psychological concern arises about too much of a good thing only when the act interferes with daily activities and meeting responsibilities.

Some couples enjoy masturbating themselves or their partner as part of love making, furthering their trust in each other by sharing such an intimate activity. It is NORMAL for women to prefer/require intense, direct clitoral stimulation performed by themselves, their partner, or a vibrator, since vaginal intercourse alone is rarely sufficient to achieve orgasm. Male partners take note!
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