First off, I have to say that I NEVER get sick – except this time.  It started with a little tickle in the the back of my throat for a day with an annoying dry cough.  Luckily, I had the next 3 days off to observe my symptoms unfold and contemplate my emotional reactions to them.
I watched as the stuffy head, runny nose, heavy eyes, and achy muscles symptoms rise and fall over 4 days.  But the extreme fatigue that came along with the cold was very surprising and longer lasting .  I was angry and incredulous that I would actually get sick.  I was upset that I had to cancel 4 fun activities over the weekend due to the stupid cold.  But I am SO glad that I allowed myself the time to spend in bed and rest. It helped me recover easily, quickly and well.  I did some meditating and pulled a guidance card called “Exhaustion” which gave me a good message and allowed me to feel less guilty about staying in bed. 
I gave myself the time to just be, get the needed rest, and feel whatever there was to experience.  I used many over-the-counter meds to help ease the symptoms, and a ton of vitamin C and D to help my body heal faster.  But I simply stayed mindful of all that was occurring as I watched my body resolve the infection fairly easily and quickly.  Usually symptoms last about 2 weeks.
I share this experience with you to remind you as we head into cold and flu season to wash your hands often and cover your cough.  If you do start feeling symptoms, take good care of yourself!  Stay in bed, drink lots of fluids, take things to ease the symptoms and heal faster.  Please take good care of yourself and don’t infect others.