Many people think of fancy sex practices and impossible positions when they hear about Tantra.  That is one small part of an overall life style that is committed to peace within and a connection to Divine Love.  If a person is able to quiet her mind, observe conscious breathing while being present, then she is practicing Tantra.
There is also Tantric Yoga, where breath and intention are important aspects of the overall couples experience.  Practicing Tantra with another person, can give a deep sense of intimacy and connection to each other with a spiritual aspect.  It takes only minutes to learn these techniques, but using them in practice is the FUN part!  There are some very simple ways you can intentionally connect to your heart center and share that love with your partner.   I am currently learning practices that I plan to teach sex counseling patients as they desire to deepen and strengthen their connections with presence, silence, breath, and peace within themselves and their partner(s).
One such technique (with or without clothes) is to sit directly in front of each other.  Look directly but softly into each others eyes.  Synchronize your breathing for a few minutes.  Then put your left hand on your own heart, and your right hand over your partner’s hand over their heart.  Keep gazing and breathing together for a while.  Even verbalize “I Love You” many times with many different inflections.  Use this technique often to quiet your mind and be intimate with each other.  Sex is optional to follow as desired by the couple . . . . . . .
Each newsletter for the next few editions will  summarize and inform about Tantra practices from the book, Sacred Sexuality, by Michael Mirdad, 3rd Edition, 2007.  If you’d like to get the book, you can follow along with our discussions and enjoy some of the exercises with yourself or a partner.   We will be exploring simple activities that cultivate love, strengthen trust, and can elevate sexual experiences to an incredible spiritual high!  Join me with all next year’s newsletters in learning and using some Tantra practices.