For Stress Urinary Incontinence

Urinary leakage has many causes, but the most common is due to an anatomic weakness of the muscles that surround the bladder neck. These exercises are very effective to regain support lost from childbirth, trauma, surgery, menopausal lack of estrogen, or familial tendencies.

By doing Kegel’s, women can often avoid surgical repair of these weak or loose structures. Also, weight loss and general whole-body exercise & toning decrease intra-abdominal pressure; and sexual activity increases blood flow to the region. These help prevent leakage.

Kegel exercises are simple and quick exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere with no equipment and no cost! By strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles, you are increasing the tone of the surrounding structures of the bladder neck, thereby preventing urine leakage from a loose bladder neck support. Specially trained Physical Therapists, biofeedback and other devices may assist you in regaining tone.

Like any exercise, you must be patient and consistent to see any benefit. Most women notice some improvement after only a month. We recommend performing at least

* 100 *

Kegel contractions per day. An easy way to accomplish this goal is to do 20 or so, every time that you are in the bathroom. It’s a good reminder location, and it is worth those few extra seconds of your personal time to fix this problem.

Remember to use only your vaginal muscles, not your abdominal or buttock regions. Isolate them, and contract inwards and upwards as many, as long or as strong as you can.