Welcome to the wonderful, wacky, wigged-out world of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause! What you are experiencing now is very common and considered NORMAL. But even “normal” can be miserable sometimes, here are a few suggestions to help reduce your discomfort. Remember, no one ever died of a hot flash.

1. Do Nothing. – Accept this time in your life as a great transition to a new you.
2. Dress in Layers. – Remove and add clothing as needed. (Subtle and stylish.)
3. Cool neck Towel. – Looks silly, feels great.
4. Small desk Fan at work. – Be ready to laugh at yourself with co-workers.
5. Open Window at night. – Affects heating bills; and check with mate first.
6. Limit intake of Wine, especially red before bed, but any alcohol can increase HFs.
7. Discover your own HF Triggers: spicy food, caffeine, processed sugars, etc. .
8. Acupuncture. – Balance water/fire or the yin/yang. Ask for a recommendation.
9. Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Energy Medicine. – Ask for a recommendation.
10. Reduce Stress. – Easier said than done, but WELL worth trying with yoga, walk in woods, deep breathing, meditation, changing jobs, improving relationships, etc.
11. Drink lots of Water. – Obvious. Always. Maybe try a ‘Liver Cleanse’.
12. Eat Healthy. – Clean, natural lean proteins, fruits, veggies; may include some soy.
13. Exercise often. – Of course! But it does help stabilize the blood vessels.
14. OTC ‘Hormonal’ Products. – Arbonne, Estroven, Progestins.
15. Herbal Products. – Black Cohosh, Vitex, Evening Primrose, Maca.
16. Estrovera – 2-3 per day for 4-6 wks to work, then maintain 1 – 2 per day Available on-line through Metagenics, or at Herbal Path. Costly but guaranteed.

If you have tried all of the above, and are still suffering, then you might be a good candidate for Hormonal Therapy. The regimen that is perfect for you will depend on your medical and your family history, as well as your goals of therapy. There are many contraindications and side effects that we must discuss to choose the best course of action in your particular case.

So many women are hyped up about ‘compounding’, ‘natural’ and ‘bio-identical’ hormones these days. Yes, we can design them easily, but they are also commercially available through pharmaceutical companies that are covered by your medical insurance plans.

  • Estradiol Options: Estrace, Climara, Vivelle, Estragel, Femring, Divigel
  • Conjugated/Esterified Estrogens: Premarin, Duavee, Cenestin, Femtrace,
  • Estrogen/Progesterone Together: Climara Pro, Combipatch, Activella, FemHRT
  • Progesterone Options: Prometrium, Aygestin, Provera;
  • IUD: Mirena, Liletta, Skyla
  • Testosterone/Androgen Options: Estratest, Methyltestosterone, Testosterone, DHEA

Remember, this is not an exact science, and your symptoms will be ever-changing. Please have patience with your body during this adjustment phase.