There is a point which needs stating: that adult women of any age and size can still turn heads in public if they feel comfortable in their own sexuality to reveal a little more of themselves in a tasteful fashion. The irascible characters of Mae West in old movies and the luscious Miss Kitty, a Madame in the western Gunsmoke, come to mind. Also Renaissance women routinely hoisted their breasts into full view to accentuate their femininity.

-1 copy 6 Of course, I am not advocating for disrespectful attire in professional or religious settings, but I do want to make a plea for relaxing our own standards and enjoying the beauty of our bodies. And while I am personally not ready to jump on the Free the Nipple bandwagon just yet, one must admit they have a point about the term ‘indecency’ being in the eyes the law and of the beholder. I am reminded of our foremothers who marched in the ‘Burn Your Bra’ scandals of the 60’s. I think it’s all meant good-naturedly, but this reveals the point that women are told by modern society to conceal their chests, so that no one is uncomfortably distracted or reminded that women are sexual beings. I am also in full support of mothers who need to nurse their babies wherever necessary as a completely natural and non-sexual issue.-2 copy 3

Did you realize that in many states, including New Hampshire it is LEGAL for women to be TOPLESS? Did you know that if you leave your home undressed, then it is legal in Vermont to be naked in public? You are just not allowed to disrobe after being outside.

So my friends, feel free to enjoy your bodies and relax those neck lines.