Birth Control Pills Through the Internet?

I recently had a patient ask about getting birth control prescriptions given out over the internet and sent directly to your address.  One such site is called "The Pill Club".   While this might sound like a great short cut to getting on or staying on a pill prescription, it is potentially dangerous to get medications [...]

The Lichens

There are 3 different skin conditions that can affect the vulvar (right outside the vaginal opening) area.  They are unrelated, but are treated the same. One very common and fairly easily treated is called  LICHEN SIMPLEX CHRONICUS (LSC)  It is the same as having eczema, or an allergic reaction to a systemic or topical agent [...]

Dense Breasts

There is much confusion over the recommendations for breast imaging beyond a Mammogram for women with dense breasts.   The newest guidelines from the American Cancer Society and the American College of Radiology both encourage women to have a follow up Ultrasound or MRI of the breasts to more accurately detect abnormalities that may be hiding in [...]