I recently had a patient ask about getting birth control prescriptions given out over the internet and sent directly to your address.  One such site is called “The Pill Club”.   While this might sound like a great short cut to getting on or staying on a pill prescription, it is potentially dangerous to get medications without a thorough medical history and physical.
This also leaves out a shared decision made with a competent provider who can  offer ALL types of contraceptive options.  IUD’s and Implantable methods work more reliably with better pregnancy protection than the pill.  Condoms are always still important to use in addition to contraception for STI prevention.  And diaphragms need to be fitted to each individual.
There is a reason why contraceptive medications require a prescription!!  They are not indicated nor safe for everyone to take based on various underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure, older age, migraines with aura, seizures, blood clots, family history, etc, etc.   It is very important to be able to contact your provider to address any questions or problems with the medicine, and do exams as needed.
Also, yearly breast exams, and pelvic exams, with regular Pap smears are essential to female health.  This internet short cut could lead to significant errors in diagnoses of abnormal bleeding, infections, and potentially missing cancers of female organs.
So if you, or other women you know, are using this type of service, please still see a provider for regular exams and screening tests.  A provider should make sure the patient is using the best and safest option to prevent pregnancy, modulate menstrual symptoms, and follow up on any complications or concerns with the medication.