The other day I had a patient point blank ask me “So What About Anal Sex?”. I had to stop a moment and think, “Yes, so What ABOUT It?” I told her this brief summary of the health risks as well as mention the potential enjoyment one might expect to experience.

1. While the risk of pregnancy is extremely low, the risks include a potentially higher chance to transmit STI’s including AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes and HPV through anal rather than vaginal penetration due to the less receptive, stretchy and resilient nature of the thin walled rectum. So here, along with the obvious bacterial contamination of the rectum, is a plea to always use CONDOMS for the health and safety of both partners.

2. And even though it is really popular on porn flicks, NO, it is NOT EVER safe or healthy to place any object or body part that has been in the rectum directly into a partner’s mouth or vagina unless it has been thoroughly and completely WASHED and sanitarily cleaned first!

3. The MOST important point about Anal Sex is that the partner who is receiving anal penetration MUST be happy with the plan!!! Obviously, the partner doing the penetrating must also be okay with the act. Therefore good communication and a level of trust between the pair must be established first and foremost.

4. The How-To of this requires a LOT of lubricant, patience and time. The rectum is very dry and tight in comparison to the vagina. Much careful stimulation and gentle slow dilation of the rectum is required prior to inserting a larger diameter item. This will take time and patience to achieve painless penetration, sometimes over the course of many sessions.-1 copy 7

5. There are a few very highly sexually sensitive collections of nerves in the body, often called the Erogenous Zones. The highest percentage of nerve endings per surface area are in the human finger tips, lips, nipples, genitals and anus. So with a clean, gentle and adventurous approach, some people consider anal sex to be a very pleasant experience.

6. Also the male prostate is in about 2 inches, toward his front side, feels like a rubbery chestnut, and often pleasurable for men (hetero- and homo-sexuals alike) to have their prostate massaged internally through the rectum or through the perineum externally.