I meet so many people who are so busy doing, doing, doing, that they forget to just BE! The most stressed people I find are the young mothers, who also work, and take care of extended family members. They live their lives for everyone else, always putting themselves last, never taking vacations, or any alone time for themselves.

And then they wonder why they are tired, overwhelmed, depressed, and have no sexual desire. They feel guilty if they take any time for themselves, instead of realizing that it is those adult time outs that fill our tanks and give us the fuel to keep on going. Most can’t even find 10 minutes a day to take a walk, do some deep breathing and stretching, or to even stare at a candle.

Adult Time-Outs have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve endorphins, clear thinking, make one more productive, and help with general health and well-being. So, there is nothing passive or lazy about stopping the crazy flow of your day to Actively Relax. You are doing something vital for your well-being by doing ‘nothing’! Doctor’s Orders: put down the electronics and do something special for yourself. Today. Right now. Yes, NOW!