WE EXPECT TO REOPEN ON  Monday May 4, 2020

*We anticipate May and June to be very busy, making up for the 6 weeks we were closed.

*Office Staff will call you a week ahead of your visit to confirm that you are healthy and still wish to come in.

*Please respond ASAP to our contacting you. We have patients on a waiting list to be seen.

*We have markedly stepped up our medical disinfection protocols on site.  We are asking every patient to wear a mask and sanitize her hands. Mask and sanitizer are provided for personal use before entering the door.

*We are following MGH/WDH guidelines to not allow family, friends, or visitors other than patients to enter the office.  Please discuss any extenuating circumstances to have another person accompany you to the visit when we call you to confirm your appointment. (i.e. minors)

*We recommend that the elderly, those with heart disease, lung conditions, or diabetes, consider postponing their visits until later in the summer.

*We are happy to schedule phone chat visits for those who wish to have a discussion only.

*Exams are still required for yearly check ups and most problem visits.

*Everything is subject to change — rapidly — based on any new guidelines which arise that we are required to follow.

Dear Friends,
It looks like we will be able to start seeing patients for regular visits in about 10 days.  We are doing everything possible to follow all the guidelines and keep our office safe for patients and staff.
If the guidelines change in the next week, we may have to postpone or modify the types of patients we have planned to see.

I know this has been difficult time for all of us.  Even if we are peaceful with being at home, there is still so much worry and confusion abounding that it is hard to stay positive sometimes.
I have volunteered to take GYN call for the WDH ER, and also to help the National Guard facility at UNH for overflow of recovering patients from an anticipated surge.  There is a slight chance that I may get called away to help. We will let you know everything we are doing as it unfolds. Wishing you peace, and hoping you can find some joy during this most unprecedented world event.

Stay healthy!
Dr. Terri & the Staff at MFG & SM

Welcome to the Home of My Friend’s Gynecologist and Sexual Medicine
with Dr. Terri Vanderlinde, FACOG, CSC.

This is an office-based Gynecological practice. We offer comprehensive routine, problem and consultative GYN care in Dover, including Hormonal Management, and Medical Sex Counseling. We perform many GYN office procedures and biopsies. Dr. Vanderlinde also offers PRP injections for urinary, vaginal, and vulvar conditions in Portsmouth at the D’Adamo Institute for Natural Therapies.

We do not do Obstetrics, Hospital-Based Surgeries, nor offer cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation. We refer out to colleagues for these instances.

Since this is a specialty service, a patient of the practice must have a PCP to care for her general medical needs.

We offer a very unique, comfortable and peaceful place with helpful staff to discuss women’s gynecological and sexual concerns. Together we will search beyond the physical to include the emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual arenas, engaging the Mind-Body connection. We can discuss effective and safe Complementary & Alternative wellness regimens as well. We partner with you, providing the most complete and accurate information to help you make an informed decision about your care. We are not here to simply ‘cure’ you, rather, to help you heal and keep you well. Are you ready to put in the effort you need to feel better? If so, we can’t wait to meet you, and help however we can!

With great compassion,

Terri Vanderlinde, DO,
Board Certified Gynecologist, AASECT Certified Sex Counselor