Welcome to the Practice of Integrative Women’s Health Care at
My Friend’s Gynecologist

As our name implies, we offer a very unique, comfortable and peaceful place with helpful staff to discuss health care needs for women. I am honored that you are considering using our office team to care for your most intimate health concerns. I intend to help you change your focus from a symptoms and disease-based model to a wellness-based mindset. I usually start by recommending changes in diet and lifestyle as the best “treatment” for various conditions. I will help you navigate the more challenging, yet more completely satisfying road of finding the underlying causes to improve your female health issues.

Together we will search beyond the physical to include the emotional, intellectual and energetic arenas, engaging the Mind/Body connection. I may encourage you to consider effective and safe Complementary & Alternative wellness regimens. I am closely associated with many local skilled practitioners in modalities that may be helpful to you in your endeavor to be well and stay healthy. I also prescribe medicines and hormones, and refer patients to surgeons when appropriate and desired. I aspire to help you take charge of your life so you can decide exactly how you wish to transform yourself. I am not here to ‘cure’ you. I am here to help you heal yourself. Are you ready to put in the effort you need to feel better? If so, I can’t wait to meet you, and help however I can!

With great compassion,

Terri Vanderlinde, DO, FACOG
Board Certified Gynecologist, AASECT Certified Sex Counselor

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